Stopping fruit trucks on Srinagar-Jammu highway unacceptable: Hasnain Masoodi


Jammu and Kashmir National Conference   Candidate from Anantnag parliamentary constituency Retired Justice Hasnain Masoodi on Thursday asserted that the measure of not allowing trucks laden with perishable items has resulted in losses to traders, saying that the trucks laden with fruits and other perishable items should be allowed to ply on the  Jammu –Srinagar Highway.

Justice Hasnain Masoodi

Addressing a series of public meetings at Pampore, Khrew, Hasnain Masoodi said that the measure of barring movement of fruit-laden trucks two days a week has aggravated those associated with the fruit industry. “The step is bound to create a crisis like situation in Kashmir.  The incumbent government administration should allow trucks laden with perishable items to ply on highway. Who could have thought the PDP’s embrace with BJP will plunge the state into such chaos wherein our highways would be snatched from us,” he said.

He said that the flag of National Conference symbolizes the sacrifice of thousands of people who gave their youth for the better future of our state. “The state is fraught with tumultuous times, our special constitutional position has become sore in the eyes of those who are hell-bent to destroy the very fundamentals of our accession with the union of India. Time has come now to make it clear to such forces as are inimical to our identity that how passionately we feel about our unique identity,” he said.

Masoodi while lashing out at BJP-RSS for tarnishing the secular countenance of India, said, “Today we are facing such forces in our country that have always shown abhorrence for the inclusiveness of Indian democratic setup.  The forces are pitching one community with another without assuming the far-reaching consequences it.  The constitution of India ensures all its citizenry equal and undaunted basic rights.”

Masoodi while referring to the sorry tale of minorities in India under BJP rule said, “Today the country is facing immense hazard in the form of communal strife. We are at crossroads, now it is up to us to decide if India remains secular and progressive in its outlook wherein all the communities thrive and draw their sustenance affably or a country which is tangled with the clutches of communal strife and bigotry.  Now it is up to the people.  The opportunity has come; we should not let it pass by us unutilized.”

He added said that today the people of the state have to vote for securing our identity and integrity. “Our vote will make difference both at centre and at the state level. People should avail of this opportunity and send the candidates of NC to Parliament.  In these difficult times we should repose our trust in God, he will salvage us from the tumultuous times we are going through.”

Meanwhile, party senior party functionary Shabir Ahmad Kullay has also urged the administration to allow fruit laden trucks to ply on Jammu –Srinagar highway.


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