Stray dogs on prowl in Downtown Srinagar


The menace of stray dogs has become a cause of major concern for the locals of old Srinagar city. A delegation from different areas of Srinagar city told CNS that dog population has increased tremendously in the areas including Syed Hamidpora, Dabtal, Chamandori, Dalal Mohalla, Gurguri Mohalla and Rahbab Sahab areas. The locals alleged that Srinagar Municipal Corporation instead of relieving them from dog menace have been releasing trapped dogs in vehicles during night hours.

“This is a major problem for all of us. Stray dogs bite people, chase them when they go to prayers early in the morning, and scare away children,” they said.

Stray dogs can be seen in large groups around garbage dumps in the residential areas. “These dogs have made the life hell, particularly for women and old age persons,” they said and appealed authorities to take measures in this regard. (CNS)


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