Strict restrictions imposed on putting up adverts, signboards on utility poles in Srinagar


Additional District Magistrate Srinagar Kuldeep Krishan Sidha has issued an order imposing strict restrictions on putting up any sort of advertisements or signboards on utility poles and street lamp posts in the Srinagar city.

The order states that such boards and signs cause adverse effects to the beauty and aesthetics of the city and also cause hinderances during restoration efforts requiring climbing of these poles.

It directs removing all advertisements and signboards as well as banners and posters from all utility poles and lampposts on all streets and roads across the city.

The order warns against any future instances of putting up any kind of signs on poles and lampposts anywhere in the city stressing that business operators or anyone found involved therein would be dealt with strictly under the law.

Senior Superintendent of Police Srinagar has been instructed to ensure strict implementation of the order.


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