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Locals attending the meeting addressed by Nawjaw-e-Millat in Baramulla. Photo: Yakoob Lala

Keeping in view the upcoming Sikh Holiday, a unanimous decision was taken by the people of North Kahsmir’s Baramulla town to call off the strike from tomorrow.

While confirming that there won’t be any strike from Saturday, a member of the self styled youth organization informed Kashmir Life that they would wait for the police to release the local boys who have been detained by the police in recent night raids in this northern town.

Early in the day more than 1500 hundred people offered Nimaz at Qadeem –Id-Gah and unanimously decided to call off the ten day strike which was given by a local youth organization.

The strike call in the town was given by a recently formed organization ‘Nawjawan-e-Millat’ (youth of the Nation) for removing an army camp from the old town, after the death of a local youth Tahir Sofi last month.

 Locals say that the police had arrested ‘wrong’ people instead of stone pelters and demand they should be released.


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