Submergence of Srinagar city a ‘deliberate attempt’

KL Report


Dukhtaran-e-Miliat (DeM) Chairperson Syeda Aasiya Andrabi Tuesday alleged that in a bid to crush the economy of Kashmir, Government of India ‘deliberately’ let the commercial capital Srinagar to get submerged into flood waters. She said that inordinate delay to breach Kandizal makes its ample clear that everything was pre-planned and orders came from the top to let the Jehlum waters ravage the Srinagar city and its adjoining commercial areas.

Aasiya Andrabi told CNS that it was Israel which had come up with the idea of crushing economy of Kashmir. “Both Isreal and India during a recent meeting discussed Kashmir at length and it was in the very meeting that Israel asked India to find ways and means to ravage the Kashmir economy,” she said adding that soon after the flood waters hit South Kashmir, Government acted as a mute spectator and did not sound any red alert for the people living in Srinagar city.

“I don’t blame Kashmiri bureaucrats for all this because nothing is in their hands as they are helpless. They follow the directions that come to them from the top. If they would have received a direction from the top to breach Kandizal, they would have done it without any delay. Everything was pre-planned as Government of India wanted to see Kashmiri people living from hand to mouth,” Andrabi said.

Coming down heavily on Army and other Indian agencies for leaving hapless Kashmiri people at lurch during rescue operations, Aasiya Andrabi told CNS that it was the height of political vendetta that Indian Air Force personnel air-dropped expired food items. “Such indifferent attitude on part of India has strengthen our resolve to carry on our struggle against Indian rule in Kashmir,” she said adding it took government a month to dewater the areas like Jawahar Nagar and Raj Bagh.

She castigated Government of India for not allowing Islamic countries to supply aid to Kashmiri people. “I have been getting phone calls from Gulf and other Islamic Countries who inform me that scores of agencies are ready to offer billions to Kashmir, but India is not allowing them to do so. We can rebuild our Valley within a short span of time if India will allow these Islamic countries to help us,” she said adding that its over a month and Government of India has not approved a single penny for the flood victims of Kashmir. “Neither India is allowing Islamic countries to supply aid to Kashmiri people, not it is helping us. It gets clear that it is indifferent towards our hardships and miseries,” she said adding that Kashmiri people will rise again and again they will turn this land into paradise.


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