Subramanian Swamy in direct attack on Islam, Muslims: Hurriyat (G)

KL Report


Terming the Guwahati (Assam) statement of BJP leader Subramanian Swamy in which he had said that “Masjids are mere buildings used for prayers and these can be demolished” as a direct attack on the Islam and the Muslims, Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman Syed Ali Geelani condemned it in strong words.

In a statement to KNS he said, “BJP who are holding the chair of power in New Delhi are in haste and hurry in implementing the RSS agenda and due to this the life, property, dignity and religion of Indian Muslims, Christians and Sikhs have got trapped in an extreme danger and this situation can take a serious and ugly turn in future.”

“Subramanian Swamy is among the central leaders of BJP and his words can’t be taken lightly. His remarks about the Masjids is not any result of his mental frustration but it is the standing policy of the RSS and its allies and there are hundreds of religious places of Muslims in India which are on their target and they are waiting for a proper time to demolish them all like they did in the case of Babri Masjid,” he said.

“India is said to be a secular country but as this country has completed 7 decades of its independence, the Muslims have neither been accepted and nor been trusted upon in this country. Harassing and insulting them and subjecting them to the physical as well as mental torture are being considered as great service to the nation,” he added.

The Hurriyat (G) chairman said that in the backdrop of this situation the Muslims who reside in India have left with only two options that is either they have to migrate from this country or they have to unite to protect their identity. “Otherwise they have no other option except to accept the Saffron color. Due to the cooperation of some opportunistic Kashmiri leaders, these communal people of India have got a chance to practice their dangerous agendas in Jammu & Kashmir and they will try hard to thrust their own culture upon the people by using the state power and machinery and they also want to change the demography of the state. It has been their first challenge from the day one to convert the Muslim majority into a minority in this disputed region and gradually transform this region into a Hindu state,” Geelani alleged.

He said that in 1947, the Muslim were 85% of the total population of the state and “now this figure have declined to 68% and for its further decline, the BJP is very enthusiastic.”


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