Sumbal Killings Call For Action, No Need To Investigate: CPA

KL Report


Stating that withdrawal of AFSPA is meaningless unless it is not accompanied by by de-militarisation and the withdrawal of troops from civilian areas, the Centre for Policy Analysis (CPA) Monday in a statement said that the unprovoked firing on the young boys is a manifestation of Army arrogance and brutality in Kashmir.

While condemning the killings, CPA said that the deaths at the hands of the Army have been confirmed by the Jammu and Kashmir police with the Deputy Commissioner, Bandipore being quoted in the media as saying that there was no need for an enquiry as “ on the people’s complaint and other reports, the police have filed a murder case against the unit of Rashtriya Rifles 13th battalion involved in the firing.”

“The reprehensible incident requires immediate action and we demand immediate arrest, trial and punishment of the Army troops responsible for the death of the two boys,” read the statement.
It added that de-militarization should start with the removal of the Rasthriya Rifles 13th battalion out of Jammu and Kashmir.

“CPA is aware of the reluctance of both the central and state governments to implement measures to ensure at least some levels of justice for the people of Kashmir. However, given the fact that the state police has registered a case of murder against the Army soldiers, there is no need for investigation in this case that calls for action against the Rashtriya Rifles soldiers,” the statement added.

CPA accused that it is because of inaction on part of civil administration that Army soldiers feel they can act with impunity in Jammu and Kashmir. They urged Central government to step in ensure justice immediately.


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