This Sunday Er Rasheed interacts with his face book friends

Srinagar: In a first of its kind MLA Langate Er. Rasheed Sunday held a day long open debate with his face book friends and answered some harsh and hard questions in detail.

According to his spokesman, the interaction was arranged at AIP’s central office Srinagar and people mostly students from different areas of valley participated in the discussion.

While answering questions, Er. Rasheed said that Kashmiris will have to be united, consistent and sincere in their approach. He said “there is no option but to take a united stand and ask New Delhi not to mislead the Indians and the world community. Whosoever Kashmiri sincerely works for resolution to Kashmir dispute needs not to be doubted and leadership needs to accommodate the divergent view point and even if a common ground on few issues is not found, still these diverse thoughts should not divide the community at this very crucial juncture”.

During the discussion Er. Rasheed while answering to another question said that though J&K is a political issue but we need not to forget that New Delhi has been killing blinding, humiliating and jailing us only for being Muslims.

He said “When religious issued like triple Talak are being dragged to Supreme Court and TV studios, the renowned Muslim Scholar Zakir Nayak is forced to exile, Muslims are killed in the name of protecting cows, in the huge Muslim dominated state of J&K Muslims are prohibited from eating beef, not only masses but the whole administration is made hostage in the name of Amarnath Yatra, slain militants are buried at unknown destinations without proper religious rites and Hindu extremists are being given liberty and full state patronage, what is wrong if those sacrificing their lives believe J&K dispute to be a religious issue.”

All the participants were of the view that the leadership must develop self-confidence and sincerity so that New Delhi doesn’t dare to take Kashmiris for granted always.


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