Suraya’s Speech Might Dictate A Policy Shift In Himayat

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Suraya receiving appointment letter  from union minister Jairam Ramesh in a function at EDI Pampore Photo By: Mehraj
Suraya receiving appointment letter from union minister Jairam Ramesh in a function at EDI Pampore Photo By: Mehraj

Rural Development Ministry’s flagship Himayat will consider two major shifts in immediate future, minister Jairam Ramesh said. While it will explore the possibility of considering further studies in potential cases, the progamme will enhance the relocation allowance for the trained lot by October.

Himayat is part of the many plans for managing unemployment in J&K. The Project Implementation Agencies (PIAs) identify boys and girls, preferably school drop-outs in urban and peripheral Kashmir, train them in various skills and help them get jobs in the private sector. They have adequate follow up and hand-holding for at least two years after being deployed in the market.

Individuals who will stay put for a year with the employer company will get a tablet as a gift. So far 5200 boys and girls from the state have been trained and placed in the market. Of them 900 are employed in private sector outside J&K. The scheme envisages paying Rs 2000 per month for six months as relocation allowance which will be reviewed in October 2013, according to the announcement that Chief Minister Omar Abdullah made.

“This is a crucial year for the scheme,” Jairam Ramesh told a gathering at EDI Pampore. “If we successfully manage in training and placing our targeted number, the scheme will do wonders.”

The main factor that motivated the visiting minister to suggest a possible change was a brief speech that Suraya, a young girl from Srinagar’s Khanyar locality delivered. This emotional speech literally made people to cry.

This shopkeepers daughter told in telling details what not being privileged means. “My father is a shopkeepers and he would usually tell me you are Suraya that has to be in the skies,” the young lady in her non-block Abhaya said in chaste impressive Urdu. “He wanted me to be a doctor but my mother was not so supportive of my studies because she knew it is not our cup of tea.”

It was her father who would encourage her to study and explore the options available within the means. Then came the Himayat that actually changed her fate, she said. She was trained as a nurse and landed in one of Apolloo hospitals in Delhi.

“I wanted to be a doctor but somehow I became a nurse,” the young lady cried. “I think, I could be doctor, one day.”

As the young lady was telling her story of struggle non-stop, the entire crowd of more than a 1000 boys, girls, officials and politicians were literally crying. Tears were actually seen rolling from various eyes. A section of the audience actually left the tent momentarily.

At the end of her speech, she requested her father to be with her on stage so that she could attribute the success to him.

This speech led visiting minister to announce that the government may consider reviewing the scheme in such a fashion that it could support further studies in cases like that of Suraya. If it happens, it will add another major component to the Himayat.


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