Suspected Militants ‘Used’ Sarpanch In Hygam Attack


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At a time when Panchayat Raj Representatives fear “threatened” by militants, the suspected militants on Friday “used” a Sarpanch and his cell phone to attack a police party and killed four cops in north Kashmir’s Hygam village.

The Sarpanch who was later arrested in connection with the attack was Saturday brought to Hygam to identify the places where from he was kidnapped by the suspected militants who attacked and killed four police personnel.

Congress Sarpanch, Ghulam Ahmad Mir, a resident of Hygam, was arrested Friday late night. Police sources said that suspected militants had called police post Putkhah from Mir’s cell phone and laid a trap for the cops. Soon after receiving the call, a police party comprising of four cops went to the village in a bullet proof Rakshak vehicle.

Mir’s family sources told KL that suspected militants kidnapped him when he was in his fields and kept him captive till they carried the attack on the police party.

A father of five daughters, family sources further said, suspected militants had called police from his cell number 9796787433 to trap the police.

Mir, 55, was brought to Hygam on Saturday to identify the places from where he was kidnapped and kept till the attack was carried out.

Very close to the frontline leadership of the state Congress leaders, Mir is known in the area for his good behavior and social works.

Four policemen including two Special Police Officials (SPO) were killed in a suspected militant ambush in Hygam area of north Kashmir’s Baramulla district Friday evening.


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