‘Swine flu may surface every year in Kashmir’

KL Report


Epidemiologist and Head, Regional Institute of Health and Family Welfare, Dr SM Qadri Thursday said that H1N1 virus cannot be controlled as it is present in community now.

“Only awareness and precaution can keep people away from this infection,” Qadri told CNS adding that every year there are chances of outbreak of this epidemic in Kashmir Valley.

He said since the virus is already present in community so there is no need to go for thermal screening on Srinagar airport. “Earlier every outsider was screened at airport after his entry into the state. Now this virus is already present in the community and it spreads from human to human so there is no need to go for screening tests now,” he said.

He admitted that H1N1 virus could prove fatal for those patients who already suffer from ailments while a healthy person could feel low impact of this virus. “It is we people who have to fight against this virus and only greater immunity to resist this virus can help us to overcome the fatal effects of this virus,” he said.

Responding to a question, Dr Qadri said that this virus has its own cycle and it can surface every year or any year. “The more aware the people will be, the lesser will be the risk. There is no need to panic and once we become immune to it, the virus will lose its effect,” he said.

Meanwhile, Regional Institute of Health and Family Welfare has issued an alert and advisory for Influenza A H1N1.

All district epidemiologists have been asked to keep a vigil on clustering of cases of Influenza like illness (ILI) and report the cases of ARI on daily basis before 2.30 PM every day.


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