Syed Ali Shah Geelani

The grand old man of Kashmir’s separatism had a quiet birthday on September 29. The aging leader turned an octogenarian under a strict house arrest. Intending visitors had to seek permission from a police officer to meet him.
Off late Geelani seems to spend more time under detention whether at house or in jail. Although records of his jail stints are available, there is apparently no record of the time he has spent under house arrest.
No surprisingly though, as even with failing health Geelani is a force to reckon with.  Though the aged leaders appears a lot mellowed down compared to the previous year.
His current occupation is to document the land occupied by troops in Kashmir. His preliminary estimates suggest the total land with troopers to be around 27 lakh kanals pretty much closer to the figure given by PDP leader Iftikhar Ansari, in the last assembly session.  
Geelani also welcomed the Chinese decision to grant visas to Kashmiris as state residents and not as Indian citizens. He also asked people to ready themselves for his programme against land transfer to the troops.
“A comprehensive programme against this occupation of Kashmiri land will be announced as soon as the data-gathering exercise is completed,’ he said.
He appealed to the people to prepare themselves mentally for the programme which, he said, would be peaceful and disciplined “as the struggle had to be waged in conformity with Islamic, human and moral values.”


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