‘Tainted’ Cleric Gets a School Posting

Mohammad Raafi


Akhzar Hussain
Akhzar Hussain

The J&K Muslim Wakf Board has attached the “tainted” cleric Akhzar Hussain, former Imam of Syed Sahab shrine at Sonawar, to a High School Kalamdanpur—where majority of the staff is female.

Akhzar Hussain was removed as Imam from Syed Sahib shrine after a policewoman posted in the shrine complained that the cleric has been making obscene telephone calls to her, compelling the Wakf to order an investigation.

Later Akhzar apologised for the “mistake” forcing the board to place him under suspension. His latest appointment in the school where out of 22 staff, 17 are females have raised concerns in certain quarters.

“He has been removed as cleric and only attached to High School Kalamdanpur,” Peer Hussain, Wakf Vice-chairman told Kashmir Life. “A charge-sheet has been filed against him.”


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