‘Tainted’ Khan records statement with police

shabir khan (2)KL Report


‘Tainted’ former Health Minister of State, Shabir Khan Thursday presented himself before police in connection with his alleged involvement in sexual assault case. After getting interim relief from the Court, the former Congress Minster was directed to produce himself before the Investigating Officer handling the alleged sexual assault case.

After spending time in Circuit House, Srinagar the accused presented himself before the Police and recorded his statement in police station Shaheed Gunj.

“Khan was questioned for 75 minutes and he was allowed to leave only after the payment of Rs 25,000 as personal bail bond as was directed by the High Court,” a police official in the Shahid Gunj, Police station told Kashmir Life.

Khan was absconding from the day a lady doctor registered a case against him in police station Shahid Ganj, Srinagar.

Earlier, Khan had no answer when reporters asked him why he was evading arrest and was absconding. “Bail is the right of every citizen and soon after securing it I presented myself before the police,” he told reporters after arriving in Circuit House Srinagar from Jammu.

The Congress man who was accompanied by security guards termed the allegations leveled against him baseless and said that he is expecting justice from the Court. “My political image has been spoiled. I was not absconding but in touch with media. Who told you I was hiding but was in touch with media and my statements appeared in a section of newspapers. I talked to some media men on telephone and was not at large,” Khan said.

“It is conspiracy against me. The charges leveled against me are frivolous and false. I am 101 percent innocent. I am hopeful that Court will do justice,” he said.

When asked why he did he resign if he pleads not guilty, Khan said that he resigned on the instructions of Party so that there will be a free and fair probe into the allegations leveled against him.

Khan added and said that every citizen has a right to move a bail application and he did the same. “I secured the bail and am here to present myself before the police,” he said.


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