Take concrete measures or blood will continue to spill over: Geelani


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Syed Ali Geelani (KL Image: Bilal Bahadur)

Syed Ali Geelani (KL Image: Bilal Bahadur)

Chairman Hurriyat Conference (G), Syed Ali Geelani expressed his deep concern over the loss of precious lives in recent shelling on the line of control (LoC) and said unless Kashmir dispute is resolved in accordance with the wishes and aspirations of people, the risk of collision between the two nuclear powers will remain, which will be devastating not only for the region but whole world.

“To mislead their own people and international community LoC is being kept hot and tense so that gross human rights violations and barbarism by the Indian armed forces, for the last 7 decades, particularly during the present uprising are hushed up in the thunders of guns roaring on line of control,” he said in a statement.

Geelani according to spokesman further said that regular collision between armed men on the LoC is not surprising, “but attacking the common people, passenger buses and ambulances, carrying the injured, by the Indian forces is the most cowardice act carried out under severe depression and frustration.”

“India on one hand has forcibly occupied the land of Jammu and Kashmir, tarnishing and mutilating every fabric of legality and democracy and on the other hand enslaving the whole populace against their will and most brazenly and shamelessly targeting the civilians across the LoC,” he added.

Geelani said that “present uprising has peeled off the deceitful mask from their face to come out as the brazen killers.”

He further said that “India very cunningly kept the LoC boiling to divert the attention from our just struggle, but despite all this mockery the echo of our freedom has reached the global forums thereby backfiring its own plans.”

He added that “so-called champions of peace, after harvesting 6 lakh humans shamelessly deliver sermons on peace, using the podium of freedom and humanity. We very well know the credentials of these traders and this nation cannot be be-fooled by their sick slogans.”

Geelani according to spokesman  clarified its stand that “unless the age old wounds of armed occupation are not healed and practical and concrete measures are not taken up by the occupiers and their perpetrators, human blood will continue to spill over and permanent political, economic and regional stability will remain a distant dream.”


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