‘Take Cue From Moaists Of Nepal, Prefer Ballot Over Bullet’


KL Report


Suggesting Hurriyat leadership to take a cue from Moaists of Nepal, Janta Dal United President, Sharad Yadav Tuesday said that he would try to find out which hidden hands are trying to disrupt the peace of Kashmir by killing innocent people here.

“Innocent human beings were killed in Shopian and soon after reaching New Delhi he would meet Prime Minister of India to find out which unseen forces are disrupting the peace in Valley and are killing innocent people here,” Yadav told to reporters during a press conference in Srinagar on Tuesday.

“Music and murder have no connection with each other.  Music spreads the tides of peace but the day musical concert was being organized here; four people were killed in cold blood in Shopian. Zubin Mehta Show was politicized and it should have been held in New Delhi,” he said.

“I don’t know why these youth were murdered and I don’t understand which unseen forces are doing this all. I would take up the matter with Prime Minister of India and would find out why this bloody game is being played in Kashmir,” Sharad Yadav said adding that we are all responsible for the mess that we have created in Kashmir.

He said Hurriyat leadership should participate in electoral process and should contest in elections as Moaists in Nepal did. “Ballot is better than bullet. Maoists in Nepal controlled the Government by taking part in elections. Separatists should take a cue from them. The fact is that the level of violence was much higher in Nepal than in Kashmir,” he said adding that if Moaists could form the Government in Nepal why not Separatists in Kashmir.

Janta Dal United President said people of Kashmir could fulfill their aspirations through democratic means. “Kashmir has a lot of potential but we all have created mess here and we including New Delhi are responsible for all the chaos prevalent here.,” he said.

“It is a wrong notion that we don’t take up issues pertaining to Kashmir in Parliament. In fact, we do take up. Last time our colleague, K.C. Tyagi raised Kashmir issue in Rajya Sabha and categorically said that New Delhi takes cognizance of Kashmir problem only the time when bullets are showered on people there,” Yadav said.

He lamented that under Prime Ministers Special Scholar Scheme more than two thousands students from Kashmir Valley were duped. “I met parents here who told me that more than two thousand students were not provided Scholarships under PMSSS launched in 2010. I would take up this matter with PM in New Delhi,” he said.

He urged Prime Minister of India to call an emergency meeting of National Integration Council to diffuse the tense situation in Muzaffar Nagar which has been engulfed by communal violence. “General Elections are approaching and some vested interests for political gains are trying to polarize the people,” he said.


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