Take note of ‘atrocities’ committed on ‘unarmed’ civilians in Kashmir: Rasheed to UN

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After being denied permission by authorities, hundreds of activists of Awami Itihaad Party (AIP) Saturday defied restrictions and carried out a march from Jawahir Nagar on the eve of World Human Rights Day, to protest against the “unabated Human Rights Violations” in Jammu & Kashmir.

In a statement issued here, the spokesperson of AIP, said, “The protesters were chanting slogans against state terrorism, continuous use of force against Kashmiris, slapping PSA on youth, denial of justice to victims of state atrocities and were also raising slogans seeking Right to Self-Determination.”

The protestors, he said, were carrying banners reading “Denial to Right to Self-Determination is the biggest Human Rights Violation” and “Wake up World Community to atrocities in J&K”, besides black flags.

On the occasion, the spokesperson said, hundreds of black balloons with black flags were released in the air as a mark of protest against the “lawlessness in Jammu & Kashmir.”

However, the procession was not allowed to proceed towards SHRC and a heavy contingent of police and other security agencies foiled the march using force and barricades and arrested Er Rasheed along with dozens of supporters and lodged them in Police Station Raj Bagh.

Speaking to media persons before his arrest, Rasheed appealed world community to take serious note of “atrocities” being committed on “unarmed” civilians in Kashmir.

He said, “Let world community make it clear to India that unless it doesn’t agree to give right to self-determination to Kashmiris, it cannot claim for the permanent membership in UN.”

Rasheed said that the UN must fulfill its duty towards the charter passed on this day in 1948 that guarantees not only the right to self-determination to deprived nations but also every member country.

“India has also taken pledge to respect the fundamental rights of people cutting across their political, religious and ethical affiliations. The World community must force New Delhi to allow entry to Human Rights Organizations and other organizations, so that truth comes out and the ugly face of India’s non violence is unmasked,” Rasheed said.


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