Talks after violence ends, BJP president

SRINAGAR: Within hours after Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti said only Prime Minister Modi can settle Kashmir, BJP president said their government will wait for talks till violence ends.

CM Mehbooba received PM Modi in Jammu early Tuesday on April 19, 2016.

“The Modi government has already clarified in the Supreme Court that it would not hold any talks unless the violence stops in Jammu and Kashmir,” BJP president Amit Shah told reporters in Agartala. “The government and the security agencies are working on a strategy toi tackle the situation.”

Shah’s statement came within hours after Ms Mufti said Modi is the only person who can settle Kashmir issue. “I say today with authority and I will be criticised for it also. If anyone can find a solution to Jammu and Kashmir problem, it is Prime Minister Narendra Modi,” Ms Mufti told a public meeting in Jammu. “He (PM) has a strong mandate. Whatever decision he takes, the country will support him.”

“If anyone can take us out of the sticky spot, it is Prime Minister Modi. The nation will support whatever he decides…it is my earnest appeal…,” she was quoted saying.

The two parties whose coalition is running the government in J&K have signed a CMP that has talks as a major highlight. However, BJP has skipped talking with to Pakistan or to Kashmir separatists. While it has strengthened the BJP’s hardline position across India, it has weakened PDP in the state.


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