Talks with Hurriyat: ‘PDP’s Ideology Merging into BJP’s Ideology’



National Conference on Tuesday said PDP President Mehbooba Mufti’s remarks on Monday that “it isn’t necessary to include Separatists in all dialogues between India and Pakistan” was an amusing revelation of how “PDP’s ideology had now totally and completely merged with the ideology of its ally, the BJP”.

NC Chief Spokesperson, while highlighting the glaring contrast between this statement and earlier stands taken by the PDP, said Mehbooba Mufti’s apparent “course correction to please the BJP had exposed the party yet again”.

“The same PDP that garnered votes on the promise of facilitating talks between the Separatists and New Delhi ended up putting Hurriyat leaders under house arrest to prevent them from going to Delhi to participate in the pre-talks consultations – which has always been a routine affair. Under an understanding with Mufti Mohammad Sayeed and the PDP, the Central Government detained the Hurriyat leaders in New Delhi while Mufti Sayeed remained completely silent and cooperative. Now Mehbooba Mufti’s statement has reiterated what was proven earlier by Mufti Sahab’s silence – that PDP played an active role in sabotaging the NSA level talks and in the detention of the Hurriyat leaders,” NC Chief Spokesperson said.

The NC Chief Spokesperson said while Mehbooba Mufti’s sermons to the separatists were “ironic, they certainly were not surprising”. “Mehbooba Ji is now lecturing the separatists about the processes and etiquettes of dialogue between India and Pakistan while forgetting that her party had promised to facilitate a dialog between New Delhi and the Hurriyat leadership – as a moral smokescreen to justify its unjustifiable alliance with the BJP and the RSS. This was also a promise made in the PDP-BJP Common Minimum Program (CMP),” the NC Chief Spokesperson added.

The NC Chief Spokesperson condemned the remarks of PDP President Mehbooba Mufti wherein she had stated that Hurriyat had no role in talks about issues between India and Pakistan. “Kashmir Issue is an issue between India and Pakistan and a lot of other issues between the two countries find their root in the unresolved Kashmir issue. If the Pakistani leadership and some quarters of leadership and intelligentsia in New Delhi agree to this in principle, why is Mehbooba Mufti trying to be more loyal than the King? PDP’s U-turns are now becoming political issue for Kashmir and could have far-reaching consequences for the State and its people,” the NC Chief Spokesperson further stated.


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