Tarigami Leads Protest For Minimum Wages, Worker Regularisation

SRINAGAR: Mohammad Yousuf Tarigami, a leader of the Communist Party of India (Marxist), took to the streets on Monday in Jammu and Kashmir’s summer capital to lead a protest on the occasion of International Labour Day. Tarigami’s demonstration called for the implementation of the Minimum Wages Act in its true spirit while also demanding the abolition of the contractual system of employment.

According to Tarigami, workers employed on a contractual or daily wage basis in the Integrated Child Development Scheme and the National Health Mission were being denied their right to basic minimum wages. He stated that “Our demand is that minimum fixed wages be given to every worker as set by the labour conference.”

After leading the protest at Residency Road, Tarigami spoke with reporters, reiterating his stance and emphasizing the importance of fair wages for all workers. He said, “Our demand is to implement the Minimum Wages Act in letter and spirit, so that the contractual system of employment is abolished, and every worker gets the minimum fixed wages as set by the labour conference.”

Tarigami also drew attention to the long history of struggles against labour exploitation in Kashmir, pointing out that “In Zaldagar Kashmir, labourers had protested for their rights even before the May Day protests in Chicago in 1886. Workers here had fought against the taxes imposed by the then government.”


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