Teachers Forum Accuses DSEK of ‘Vandalizing’ their Office


The controversies between the Directorate of Education Kashmir and teachers forum are seeing no end, with the latest being over the closing down of the latter’s “office” at DIET Bemina here.

Teachers Forum blamed the Director Education Kashmir, Shah Faesal for breaking open their office at DIET Bemina and tearing apart the union banners.

“Shah Faesal is behaving like a kid, not as a director or an IAS officer. Today morning, he has barged into our office in DIET Bemina by slamming open the lock and tearing the banners that were hanging on the walls, and locking open the locker and then burnt our files,” Teachers Forum President Abdul Qayoom Wani Said.

Denying to have entered the office of the teachers’ union, the director education told KNS that no union office has been allotted to any association at DIET Bemina.

“We have never allotted any office to teachers of any union in the DIET office. So there is no question of breaking open the doors or removing banners. I went to the DIET office which belongs to the education department not the so-called union,” Faesal told KNS.

Countering the statement of the director, the Forum said that they don’t need any allotment to run an office for their trade union activism.

“We don’t need any allotment. We belong to the department and we have all the constitutional right to run a union just like other departments have. And open an office for it,” Wani said.

“Instead of trying to vandalise our office, he should have legally asked us not to operate in DIET,” Wani said, adding that the teachers union would fight tooth and nail against the director.


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