Telecom Company Dupes Customer; Rs 427 Charged For 15 Min Internet Surfing


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Do you believe that you can be charged Rs. 427 for15 minutes internet usage? Get ready! One of the India’s leading telecommunication company “Reliance” has started doing it and thus duping customers from their hard earned money.

As reported by State Observer, customers of the company have alleged that the company is deducts their balance unnecessarily which have led to switching to other companies particularly in Jammu.

A customer identified as Irfan Mir said that he was having Rs 427 in the morning and after surfing internet for fifteen minutes he was startled to see that his balance had become nil as the entire balance had been deducted from his account.

“I was astonished to see my balance although I had recharged my cell phone with one GB data previously under 250 plan,” said Irfan.

“If my recharge pack had expired or I ad completed the data usage they should have disconnected my internet connection, how they charged me from main balance,” Irfan complained.

The astonishment of Irfan did not stop here as the customer care service officers whom he rang after knowing about the deduction talked authoritatively.

“Ironically, when my balance was deducted I called customer care services of the company the officer in charge told me that the deducted balance was unjustified. They asked me to call 198 and calling the number I was told that the deducted balance would not be refunded.

When contacted reliance nodal Officer for Jammu, Kapil Mahajan tried to evade questions from State Observer reporter and asked to send the customer to the company’s office for writing the complaint about refunding his money while adding, “these minor problems are a routine in our office and who cares about them.”


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