The Boy Near The Lidder

By Santosh Bakaya

Lidder Valley
Lidder Valley

Memory etchings of a bygone clime

Engraved like graffiti in my heart

Spouting a silent rhyme

That serene scene not keen to depart

That bubbly bonhomie

Now entrapped in barks of the pine tree

Near the snug cottage

Of a happy time

When winter carols tuneless songs

And a stifling summer suffocates

My heart longs

For that smile of the child

Warming my heart

On that cold day in December

Like an angel he sprang from the boulders

A lamb perched on his shoulders!

He bewitched me by his cherubic looks

As I sat near the Lidder looking at rooks

His smile that I remember

Shines like an ember

Of precarious peace and hope

Perched like an acrobat on a rope

The child smiles

Through a patina of grime

Scoffing at the ravages of time

Delineating a new love paradigm

He is a Van Gogh painting come to life

Timelessly he sparkles above hate and strife

Springing from behind boulders

A lamb perched on his shoulders

Santosh Bakaya
Santosh Bakaya

A novelist-poet, Dr Santosh Bakaya stays in Jaipur with her husband, Lalit Magazine and college going daughter. She is from Kashmir. She recently won the Reuel International award for her long poem “OH HARK!” which is now part of “THE SIGNIFICANT ANTHOLOGY”.

Her e-book: FLIGHTS FROM MY TERRACE in Smashwords has been critically acclaimed and recently Vitasta Publishers released her new ‘poetic biography’ of M K Ghandhi: “BALLAD OF BAPU”.


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