The Cradle within I Brought Up

By Nehreen Nazir


Representational Pic


The cradle within I was brought up

Now the grave of unconsidered humanity

The land which cater me with innocence

Now holler in the blood of innocents


The land which nurture my moments

Now crave to foster

The place where my childhood played

Now red in tooth and claws


The land sounded with care

Now silent in despair

The land where the air of devotion blows

Now suffocated with hues and cries


The land once dream of desire

Now been the movie of turmoil

The land once vivid, and active

Now kept broken and dead


The land where streams of felicity flows

Now flooded with misery and ill being

The land where clouds sprinkled blissfulness

Now rains blood, agony and pain


The land kind altogether

Now aggrieved by unfair treatment

The land token of rosy blossoms

Now delineate havoc and massacre


The land called paradise

Now biggish boneyard

The land once hope of everyone

Now hope to be free from turbulence


(Nehreen Nazir is a University Pass-out)



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