The first day of Ramadan


KL Report


The holy month of Ramadan started on Thursday as Muslims thronged mosques for prayers after beginning their day-long fast.

According to Muslim faith, Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, represents the 30 or 29 day period of fasting during which those who engage in prayer and penance are pardoned by Allah.

In summer capital Srinagar, all the eateries including hotels, restaurants, tea-stalls and dhabas remained closed since morning and markets and streets witnessed less traffic movement.

Locals engaged in hectic buying of fruits, juices, foodstuffs Wednesday to stock for the holy month during which Muslims find less time for shopping due to religious engagements.

The most sought after fruit in the markets Thursday were dates which come from different parts of the country and also the Middle East.

Due to middle class affluence, which is a relatively recent phenomenon in Kashmir, many people are buying dates from Saudi Arabia, fruit juices and jams from multi-national companies and even the imported brands.

Even the less privileged locals spend comparatively more during this month to provide nourishment to their families.

The Muslim calendar advances by 10 days every year in comparison to the Christian calendar which remains unchanged.

It is because of this difference that the Holy month of Ramadan falls some years in the colder winter months and some years in the hotter summer months.


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