The Friday Fracas: Malik Visits Jamia Masjid, Express Solidarity with People



Yasin Malik @ Jamia Masjid on Saturday

Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front chief, Muhammad Yasin Malik, visited Jamia Masjid on Saturday and expressed solidarity with the residents of the area.

“The reign of terror unleashed throughout Kashmir valley especially in Sher-e-Khas (Downtown) Srinagar is worst kind of dictatorship. Firing tear gas shelling inside Jamia Masjid, punishing the traders and shopkeepers of Jamia and Nowhatta, vandalizing and ransacking their business establishments and shops and terrorizing youth is highly condemnable,” Malik said while addressing traders, youth and other people who are on a protest sit-in in front of Jamia Masjid Srinagar.

Malik, along with JKLF leaders including Sheikh Abdul Rashid, Mushtaq Ahmad Khan, Basher Kashmiri and Muhammad Amin Magloo joined Dharna demonstration.

Strongly condemning the shelling inside Jamia Masjid, desecrating the holy mosque, vandalizing Jamia market, ransacking shops and thus inflicting traders with huge losses, Malik said, “Kashmir has today been turned into a police state where police and forces are actual rulers. Youth belonging to Sher-e-Khas have been terrorized by police and forces, nocturnal raids on their residences and humiliating their kith and kin have become the order of the day.” “By unleashing this terror, so-called rulers are actually pushing youth to the wall and hence are promoting a worst kind of violence.”

He condemned “this unilateral state sponsored violence”, and said, “rulers who on daily basis are propagating battle of ideas have given police enormous powers and they with impunity are unleashing every kind of terror on common people of Kashmir.”

The statement said Malik assured traders, youth and other people “of every support” and said, “we stand by them in this hour of need.”

Malik condemned the on-going crackdown on JKLF activists in Hajin where, the statement alleged, “police are terrorizing JKLF activist Danish Ahmad Dar. His residence is being raided daily and even his shop has been closed down by police. Police are also prolonging the incarceration of another JKLF activist Ishfaq Ahmad who was arrested on 4th November 2015 and is still languishing in Hajin police Chowki.”


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