The SSB Exam Mess

An online petition was launched by some aggrieved candidates who want re-examination of the paper when candidates resorted to mass copying.
An online petition was launched by some aggrieved candidates who want re-examination of the paper when candidates resorted to mass copying.

After candidates appearing for various Services Selection Board exams publicly used illegal means for filling up answer books, University of Kashmir students say the onus for this wrong doing lies more on people themselves than government

Reform is a continuous process and there is a no end to the extent to which a reform process can be enhanced. What is equally true for social reform is that it is driven by mass participation where in entire social setup see a stack in the reform.

Of the various reforms that we as sensible citizens aspire for is the behavioural change and it forms the bed rock of the future endeavours we aspire to achieve. But the recent incidents witnessed during the recently conducted SSB (Services Selection Board) exam have put a question mark for all the reforms and more importantly, the rich value set we boast of.

What was witnessed in the exam centers and was rightly made viral on social media handles is not something new. Copying in competitive examinations have been happening ever since its inception but as separate incidents and several measures have been taken in past and will continue in the coming years. But there is a continuous trend that has evolved over these years that new fixes surface every day to render the instruments of mass copying ineffective.

Governments may take stringent ways to curb this menace but ultimately the onus lies on the behaviour and awareness of the people who appear for these exams.

Education is recognized as the baton of enlightenment and has lifted societies from darkness. But what is unfortunate here the people, our educational class forgetting all the values we imbibe from our rich heritage transcending across cultures, traditions and family values and indulging in such practices.

No wonder we are still ranked high on corruption indices because when such people acquire the helm of affairs, what sort of society we expect to be transformed into?

It’s easy to blame government for every second thing but it’s high time that public also becomes conscious and responsible.

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  1. This is called subjectivity in opinion ,as everyone knows in Kashmir about the mass copying which is guilty of authority not of any other person ,if u people r saying that the onus is on candidates/people then what about the exam like of SSC and CBSE UGC NET ,why there is always not any news about mass copying in whole j&k ?…it is because only they r implementing the strict rules and regulations throughout the state…in this modern world/global village u can not say of Social responsibility ,because the basis of it r materialistic ,so whatever the ethical issues r need to be followed by rules not by speech’s…


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