Third Front Seeks General Amnesty For Prisoners

KL Report


Proposed Third Front Saturday appealed state government to announce general amnesty ahead of Eid-ul-Azha to those languishing in different prisons of the state.

In a joint statement issued to a local news agency, CNS, Mohammad Yousuf Tarigami CPI (M) State Secretary and MLA, Hakim Mohammad Yasin President PDF and MLA, Abdul Rashid Kabuli former MP and president JKNDF, Sheikh Abdul Rehman former MP and state president Samajwadi Party,  Abdul Rehman Tukru state secretary CPI and Sanjay Saraf youth president Lok Janshakti Party have demanded release of political prisoners lodged in different jails of Jammu and Kashmir in deference to the forthcoming festival of Eid.

The joint statement reads that in a meeting it was unanimously demanded that hundreds of youth who have been in jails for quite some time under minor offences from last few years be released under general amnesty and as a goodwill gesture to improve the ground situation in Kashmir.

During the meeting these leaders lamented that Public Safety Act has been grossly used against the political prisoners by repeatedly booking them one or the other pretext. “We are receiving numerous requests from relatives and families whose near and dear ones are languishing in different jails. These families want to cherish the forthcoming festival of Eid with their kith and kin who are presently in jails. The government must understand the sensitivities involved and release all the political prisoners under an amnesty plan,” the leaders observed.

They also expressed serious concern over the deteriorating health of some of the inmates saying that prisoners with serious ailments should be released on compassionate grounds. The meeting opined that cases against youth who have been booked in minor offences be withdrawn so that their career is not marred and they don’t get exposed to vulnerable situations inside jails.


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