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Urging upon the Prime Minister of India, Dr Manmohan Singh to take some initiatives during his Kashmir visit, academician and woman interlocutor Prof Radha Kumar Sunday said that it would be better for Dr Singh if he concentrates on the Kashmir issue rather than providing economic packages to the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

“Though I am not in touch with Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) yet I believe that Mr Singh during his Kashmir visit will take some initiatives in the resolution of Kashmir problem. Let the Prime Minister come up with some bold initiatives which would prove beneficial in the long run for the resolution of Kashmir issue,” Radha Kumar told Srinagar based news gathering agency CNS adding that all are hoping the PM’s visit will make a difference this time.

She said that Prime Minister should not repeat what happened in the past. “During every visit the Union Government bestows the State Governemnt with economic packages without touching the main issue. I hope this time PM Manmohan Singh will hit the cord and make some important announcements,” she said.

Coming down heavily on senior Congress leader Makhan Lal Fotedar, the woman interlocutor said that it is absurd to claim that Shiekh-Indira Accord have already settled the Kashmir issue. “Kashmir is an issue and it needs to be addressed. If it is not an issue then what for the interlocutors visited the state and even we have in our recommendations mentioned that this issue needs to be addressed,” Radha Kumar said adding that Fotedar is an independent man and he can talk anything.

While replying to a question, Radha Kumar claimed that Government of India is very much serious in bring Hurriyat leaders across the table.

However, the Hurriyat leaders have no proper strategy and they are beating about the bush. “Hurriyat leaders should come across the table and find a lasting solution to Kashmir problem. Centre is serious but the Hurriyat leaders do not make an effort and they lack strategy.


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