Those killing Kashmiris have no right to celebrate Gandhi Jayanti: Er Rasheed


Asking Indian politicians to give up hypocrisy, AIP President Er Rasheed has said that Gandhi’s philosophy has been taken over by Hitler’s mindset and those paying tributes to Mahatma Gandhi are just playing with the words and have no more interest in Gandhi’s ideology of non-violence.

In a statement, Er Rasheed said: “While entire world desperately needs to follow Gandhian philosophy of non-violence, Gandhi’s own soil is being blood bathed and violence has become the epicenter of Indian politics.”

“May PM Narendra Modi answer before paying tributes to Gandhi, why his forces have been given license to kill Kashmiris only for seeking a peaceful resolution to Kashmir dispute,” said Er Rasheed.

“Not only Gandhi’s Gujrat has changed but the majoritarian viewpoint is being threshed upon all the minorities and this mindset has turned entire India into a place where everyone is fighting for protecting his honor, dignity and fundamental rights,” he said.

“Dalits being compared with dogs and Muslims being threatened and asked to migrate to Pakistan definitely might be paining Gandhi’s soul every minute,” said Er Rasheed in a statement.

Er Rasheed said that not only Narendra Modi but the Nehru family too want power at all costs forgetting that Mahatma Gandhi did not get any post for himself despite being the icon of India’s freedom struggle against Britishers.

“May today’s Suit Boot Netas in India just ask where they have buried Gandhi Ji’s Gujrati Dhoti and replaced the same with foreign made suits,” said Er Rasheed.

Er Rasheed reminded those ultranationalists who have been demonizing Muslims and calling them radicals for talking about caliphate, not to forget that Gandhi Ji was himself a strong advocate of caliphate movement and never found it based on hatred or overpowering the other religions.

He said: “Gandhi Ji’s love for human beings and respect to human lives truly made him all-time icon but in his own country those who praise him and call him their role model have been butchering the people of Kashmir, a place where Gandi Ji claimed to have found a ray of light for the communal harmony displayed by its citizens.

“When cows turn more precious than human lives and being Muslim becomes a crime the meaning of celebrating Gandhi Jayanti become a cruel joke,” he added.

“It is high time for the people of India to introspect and analyze to find how could India return to great values of tolerance, inclusiveness, and brotherhood,” said Er Rasheed in a statement.


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