Independent lawmaker and MLA Langate Er Rasheed on Sunday have appealed the governments of India and Pakistan not to befool people of the sub-continent, as the key road to peace lies with them.

The spokesman has quoted the Er Rasheed saying “those who can stop the bloodshed are just using words to condole the tragic game of death and destruction, Prime Minister Modi should realize that life of every human being is precious and no one on earth can compensate human lives.”

The spokesman said that provoking innocent citizens in the name of ultra-nationalism fetches nothing on both the sides of LOC and the only way to stop these human tragedies is to resolve seventy years long pending Kashmir dispute. Those who get killed are either soldiers or common men and it is very difficult for anyone especially the rulers in New Delhi and Islamabad to understand the real pain of the families, who are being forced to celebrate the deaths of their beloved ones in the name of nationalism.

Rasheed added that those sitting in cosy rooms and making a hue and cry over the killing have never felt the pain of Kashmiris and now need to realize that it is just the blame game that has been keeping this dirty war going on without yielding anything.

Rasheed said that those who accuse another country of targeting civilians need to understand that none of the sides is showering flowers on the other side unless Kashmir issue is not resolved, nobody can give a guarantee for permanent peace neither at borders nor anywhere in the entire sub-continent.

He appealed both the Prime Ministers to show magnanimity and come forward to make the beginning of a new era by giving up egos and adopting the realistic attitude to resolve all issues including the core issue of Jammu & Kashmir.


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