Three months after corpse recovery family says FIR not lodged


A family from Delina Baramulla in North Kashmir on Saturday alleged a police officer of shielding a murder accused to put the killing of a carpenter case under the carpet.

The family members led by its head Shamsuddin Kandil assembled here in press enclave Srinagar and registered a massive protest to attract the attention of media personnel. The family while seeking the intervention of police higher-ups demanded that Choki Officer Delina should be questioned and asked why he didn’t make any arrest in the murder of a young carpenter and why he didn’t register an FIR to investigate the matter.

“My son Parvez Ahmed Kandil who was a carpenter by profession went missing in April 2018. During the investigation, the role of a girl and her uncle was almost established but police let them off. It was the girl’s uncle Bashir Ahmed who showed the dead body of my son. How he knew, Parvez’s body is lying at a particular place. Ironically, police released both the girl and her influential uncle,” Shamsuddin said adding it was also established that his son had made the last call to the said girl.

He said prior to the post-mortem report, the doctor declared it as a suicide case. “When we demanded an investigation of the case and arrests of culprits, the choki officer thrashed us and dragged us out from the police choki,” he said.

The wailing mother who was carrying the photographs of her dead son accused Choki Officer of maltreatment. She said instead of listening to them, the Choki Officer Delina is intimidating them. We appeal DGP and IGP to look into the matter,” she said,

Meanwhile, police said that a missing report in this regard was received at police post Delina on April 4, 2018, and the dead body was recovered on April 22, at Kachwa orchard.

The statement said investigations in this regard are going on but till now no solid evidence has been found against the suspected ones who were brought to the police station for questioning. Police added that in case the family has any grievance they can directly approach the police.


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