Time to isolate people trying to damage sanctity of Jamia Masjid: Hurriyat (m)


A meeting of Hurriyat (m) Conference was held at historic  Mirwaiz Manzil Rajouri Kadal chaired by AAC patron Mirwaiz Umar Farooq. The meeting was participated by all activists and members of AAC including those from districts as well as Hurriyat activists.

The spokesman said that meeting discussed the attempted violation of the pulpit of historic masjid last Friday by some hooligans backed by misguided elements and termed its sacrilegious. They pledged that such incidents won’t be allowed to happen again. The participants of the meeting said that any attempt aimed at damaging the sanctity or sacredness of the grand masjid will not be tolerated.

Addressing the participants of the meeting, Mirwaiz Umar  Farooq said that old city has always been the epicentre of the Kashmirs spiritual religious quest and its political ideology and the pulpit of Jamia Masjid has represented both these true to the core values of Islam and Tawheed and to the political and social aspirations of its people.

Mirwaizeen along the centuries have preached the message of unity and harmony in Islam besides leading people on their political rights. He said the grand masjid will continue to spread this message and represent people’s right while raising the voice against injustice and repression.

The Mirwaiz said that the highly condemnable act that took place on 28th December has left entire valley in a deep shock and hurt their sentiments.  He said it’s time to isolate those elements who are trying to damage and violate the sanctity of the grand masjid.

Urging people to stay united on this, he said that unity among all sects will not allow these elements to damage our religious and social fabric and ethos especially at a time when we as a nation are facing the ultimate challenge in the form of violence. Mirwaiz shed light on the importance and sanctity of masjids as explained by the revered Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

Mirwaiz said that any attempt to change the basic nature of Kashmir dispute will be a great disservice to all the sacrifices and collective efforts put in it by the people of J&K and hence won’t be allowed strict vigil has to be maintenance not to allow it.

Mirwaiz said the unison in which all segments of society political religious and civil society have condemned this incident is welcome and a positive step.

Mirwaiz said the coming Friday will be observed as Youme Taqadus in which heads of various religious and resistance political parties will jointly raise their voice against this act of attempted desecration of the pulpit of historic Masjid and convey a message that nobody will be allowed to tamper with the centrality of Jamia Masjid and what it stands for.

After the culmination of the meeting, Mirwiaz Umar Farooq led a  rally in which AAC workers, Hurriyat leaders, members and the general public, traders and a large number of youth participated who reached Jamia Masjid where the mosque especially the pulpit was cleaned as the hooligans had violated with their boots.


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