Time to rid J&K of dynastic rule: Sajad Lone


Peoples Conference Chairman Sajad Gani Lone on Sunday said it is imperative to eradicate dynasty rule for overall development and empowerment of the people of the state.

National Conference has a history of indulging in labelling and name-calling of their opponents. When someone outside the Abdullah dynasty aspires to represent the people of the state, the entire party leadership casts aspersions, level allegation even to the extent of inciting murder. Such utterings have cost us many lives in the past and they are trying to repeat the same now.

Reiterating his demand for revocation of ban on JeI, Sajad said that providing space for opposing political thoughts and ideologies is imperative in a democracy.

“Banning of Jamaat-e-Islami will further undermine the democratic process in J&K minimize any chances for peace and reconciliation in the valley. The central government instead of taking concrete measure to restore peace in the valley is cracking down on opposing political ideologies. Our democracy allows everyone to have his/her political opinions and we cannot deny space any organization. The government must revoke this ban at the earliest”, he added.

He further added that JeI has been a victim of political vindictiveness and such measures have failed in the past as well.

“The brazen rigging of 1987 polls pushed them away from mainstream politics into the separatism camp. Now after 32 years you are punishing the victim again instead of the culprits of 1987 rigging, who are still pampered and encouraged. Until the perpetrators of 1987 rigging are brought to book, things won’t change”, he added.


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