TO Directed to Entertain Bills on Account of Salaries for March

KL Report


In a circular issued by the Finance Department, it is informed that the budget estimates 2015-16 have been passed by the State Legislature and while  the formal authorization of funds for the financial year 2015-16 to the Controlling Officers, Heads of Departments and other field functionaries will take some time, the Treasury Officers  have been  directed to entertain the bills presented at the Treasuries by the Drawing and Disbursing Officers on account of salary, wages, cash assistance to migrants, outsourcing of upkeep and Maintenance and Repairs (to the extent of wage component only provided under this head for casual workers) due for the month of March, 2015 and payable in April 2015 in anticipation of formal authorization of funds, an official statement said.

However, the statement said, the Treasury Officers shall ensure that no arrear claims on account of salary etc are entertained without budget provision.

Further, it said, “with the taking over of the entire revenue component of the erstwhile State/District Plan the salary and other contingent expenditure under the earlier schemes should be classified under Group Head: 0099-General and not under Group Head: 0011-State/District Plan.”


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