To tackle ‘fidayeen’ attacks, J&K police to acquire intruder detectors


The J&K Police is in the process of acquiring new gadgets, including intrusion detection system, GPR equipment and electric boom barriers, to prevent militants from carrying out suicide attacks on its installations.

The equipment worth Rs 8 Cr will be procured by the police within the next two or three months, reports according to sources in the Police Department said.

They said on an intrusion detection system for important police installations in the state, especially the Valley, was on the wish list of the policemen.

“The intrusion detection system has shock sensors, which use vibrations or shock waves to trigger an alarm at the monitoring desk. This will give enough time to the security personnel to not only prepare, but also counter any intrusion bid by terrorists,” tribuneindia reported quoting sources.

For improving daytime security and ensuring smooth entry and exit of authorised security personnel to police establishments, the department will instal radio frequency identification-based (RFID) vehicle access control system at these places.

“The vehicles of authorised personnel, like senior officers of the department, will be fitted with RFID tags that will allow them entry and exit without any manual intervention. This will save a lot of time at the entry and exit points of important police establishments.

“This will ensure that vehicles not fitted with RFID tags will be thoroughly checked before being allowed to enter,” they added.

Hand-held ground penetrating radar (GPR) system is another important gadget on the police list.

“The GPR system is used for effective detection of improvised explosive devices, landmines and other explosives which are buried underground,” the sources added. “Besides reducing the risk of casualties during sanitisation operations, the GPR system will also help in tracking down the ammunition and explosives hidden by militants underground,” they said.

On the law and order front, policemen, who have to deal with protests in the Valley on a regular basis, will soon be getting anti-riot gas masks, they said.

“The law enforcing personnel have to fire tearsmoke shells and other gas-based crowd control weapons during street protests. Many a time, the policemen face a lot of difficulty in crossing the gas-affected areas while chasing away miscreants. The gas masks will remove this impediment,” the sources said.


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