Tosa Maidan Lease Row: ‘Take People Into Confidence Before Extending Lease’

KL Report


Congress Minister Tuesday suggested that government should take people into confidence before extending lease on Tosa Maidan in Central Kashmir’s Budgam town.

Minister of State for Environment, Dr Manohar Lal Sharma told a local news agency, CNS, that if people living in and around Tosa Maidan are protesting and are not in favour of extending lease then government should find ways and means to settle the problem on positive note.

“Apart from Tosa Miadan there is so much land vacant at various places of the state. There is so much vacant land available near Jammu Airport and at other places. I believe that without confronting people the government could solve the problem in an amicable manner,” Sharma said.

He however said that Army is serving the country and they should be given upper hand in suggesting and deciding anything about the lease. “I hope the Home and Revenue Ministry will follow balanced approach and would settle the issue without hurting either protesting people or Army,” he said.


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