Kashmir’s top traders body Sunday said that the newly established Tourism Advisory Board has not been made after “proper consultation” with the stake holders.

The Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) said the government decision on formation of Tourism Advisory Board consists of “members most of whom are non-experts drawn from different backgrounds instead of experts with proven record of performance in the field”.

“The Board should have been created after consultation with local experts and tourism stake-holders which has not been done,” a KCCI statement said. KCCI held a meeting today to discuss the issue.

“The purpose of formation of the Board is not amply clear also to what extent it is going to increase the growth of the tourism to State when dearth of Tourism infrastructure is not a priority area of concern for promotion of Tourism to State,” the statement said. “It was also felt that some of the members taken on the Advisory Board have the conflict of interest and are not therefore expected to deliver judiciously keeping in view the broader interest of Kashmir as a whole.”

While the Chamber is  considering  all the pros and cons  of the formation of the  Advisory Board  it has been unanimously   decided  by all the stakeholders that the Chamber  take up the issue immediately with the Hon’ble Chief Minister in an appropriate manner  for  reconstituting the Advisory Board  in consultation with the  real tourism stake-holders  of the state.


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