‘Traditional administrative measures have been taken to combat floods’

KL Report


PDP spokesman and minister Education Naeem Akhtar Monday said there is a greater vulnerability of the embankments because many of them had been breached last time and the engineers were still trying to fill those gaps.

“But to combat the situation, boats, sandbags and a 24-hour vigil on bunds have been made available all across the valley,” he said.

Akhtar said that the present dispensation has tried to learn from the last year’s disaster and the flood control and flood management regime has been activated which is a traditional practice in Kashmir.

“Traditional wisdom and traditional administrative measures are been taken,” he said. “The flood control committees have been established in all the three, north, south and central regions of the valley. Boats and sand bags have been organised.”

The minister said that authorities have been trying to plug wherever there is a report of Jhelum having over flown a couple of places.

“But, that is a minor worry,” he said. “The major worry would be if, god forbids, there is a breach, which we are trying to prevent,” he added.

Earlier in the day, the state government had issued a flood warning.


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