‘Traitors may have different shapes and sizes, but their deeds are identical’: Hurriyat (g)

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Octogenarian Hurriyat Patriarch Syed Ali Geelani

Criticizing the refusal of the government to allow its chairperson Syed Ali Geelani to offer Friday Prayers, Hurriyat Conference (g) said that this “undemocratic and unethical” practice has become a routine and despite protesting against these “gross violations”, government seems to be numb and such maneuvering has been a state craft by every Delhi installed governments irrespective of their name and fame.

In a statement issued here, a spokesperson of Hurriyat (g) said that using the hollow slogans of democracy and human values to grab the votes, every face of the “oppressor” takes a lead to compete for favours from their masters.

“Genetically and familial traitors may have different shapes and sizes, but their deeds are identical and each one of them dances to the tunes of occupier. After deceitful and anti-people blunders their so-called educated minister most shamelessly surface, to offer clarifications and explanations.”

Hurriyat questioned the minister that doesn’t issuing the domicile makes one eligible for the other incentives and if not, then why these refugees are here in Jammu and Kashmir & in what capacity?

“Can the minister educate us as what does identity certificate mean and what information does it need to compile it. Every time this vocal minister tries to put a lid on the foul and filthy deeds of its bosses as if he has been assigned this job to conceal the heinous anti-people crimes in the vocabulary gimmicks.”

He said that these yes-men have shredded off the last coat of their worth and dignity to justify and legitimize the back door robbery of these political dacoits and they willfully act as statues to these destructive measures. “SARFEASI Act is a well-nit conspiracy to strangulate us economically and what their parliament could not dare to do, their biased judiciary has done it, using the blood soaked hands of these collaborators. They said that our forced occupiers use all its weapons in their armoury, government, political, parliamental, and now judicial, to muzzle and cripple us so that we become a cannon fodder for their ghosts to engulf.”

The spokesperson said that when the deceitful political maneuvering backfires, so-called mouth pieces of this treason wraps it in the veil of “misinterpretation”  and buries it under the callous and mean debris of “conspiracy” to create unrest to topple its government.

He said that Delhi groomed politicians and India crowned sultans of our ill-fated land have been using these deceptions for the last 7 decades to appease their crowning authorities, but their power lust and greed seems to have no end. “With each passing day our rights, honour and dignity is being snatched away and we need to fight it collectively to safeguard and ensure our existence.”


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