Trechal residents subjected to inhuman treatment, says Jama’at


A team of Jama’at-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir on Wednesday visited Trechal village in Pulwama district where according to the statement by Jama’at government forces personnel had let loose a reign of terror after a mine blast.

The spokesman said that blast some days back at around  9.30 pm smashed all the window pans, doors, household goods and including fridges, washing machines, electronic gadgets, etc of the residential houses adjoining the blast site besides ruthlessly beating everybody who came in their way particularly the womenfolk.

He said the unruly forces have fractured limbs of a number of persons including minor boys, young ladies, and aged persons and even tried to “molest” the women folk as per the statements of the victims of their “barbarity”. After the severe blast, these forces went berserk and entered the nearby houses by breaking open the doors and mercilessly thrashed the inmates with gun butts and bamboo sticks. Some of the female victims have shown biting marks on their bodies and some appeared with swollen faces and fractured arms. Other victims showed multiple injuries caused due to a merciless beating by the infuriated personnel. As many as twenty light vehicles have been damaged with their windscreens smashed fully or partially.


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