Trial in Sarah Groves Murder Case Resuming Today

KL Report


Sarah Groves
Sarah Groves

The trial of the man accused of murdering Guernsey woman Sarah Groves on a Houseboat at Dal Lake is due to resume today after facing many hiccups.

“The case has been plagued with delays but today the public prosecutor has called all witnesses including Sarah’s boyfriend Saeed Ahmed Shoda,” the reports said.

Richard de Wit, who is accused of the murder, is due to be assigned a lawyer.

On January 31, 2015, Dutch national de Wit dismissed his Delhi-based legal Counsel leaving him without anyone to defend him in court.

The last three hearings have all seen no progress made as de Wit had no-one to represent him.

24-year-old Sarah was killed on a houseboat in Kashmir in April 2013.

Richard De Wit
Richard De Wit

Richard de Wit denies murder, saying, “I heard noises on the night Sarah died and saw her dead, before escaping the houseboat, leaving my bags behind.”

The court trying Richard De Wit for murder has already sat more than 40 times and 20 witnesses still have to give evidence.


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