Trust your people

Since 1996 when a prolonged spell of the gubernatorial regime was replaced by a civilian government, it has been a practice with chief ministers to fly to Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and other cities requesting industrialists to invest in Kashmir. It always made headlines suggesting India Inc creating its stakes in ‘peace’. But the stakes are rarely made and seen.
Invariably it has been seen that the policy makers do not see the locals as a possible force multiplier as far as additions to the crumbling infrastructure or upgrading the entrepreneurship base is concerned.
The local industry was crying for attention when most of these jaunts took place. Right now when the government is actively engaged with a number of trade bodies, there industrial estates still under occupation of security forces.
The case of renowned cardiologist Fayaz Shawl is a recent instance of the state’s attitude towards its local stake holders. Far away from Kashmir, Shawl attained fame, money and also became an American citizen.
The lacunae in the health infrastructure helped him to do his bit in the state. His dream initiative, an international level cardiac centre, however, failed to take off. While he accused the government of sabotaging his initiative, the officials said he had not followed the required procedures. But in the crossfire it was Kashmir that proved the ultimate loser.
 Given the disadvantages of our location and market, J&K has limited avenues for investment. It is true about services as well. Given that, J&K must learn to encourage investors. In Shawl’s case, it was quite possible to have few officials tasked to remove any discrepancies in the idea so that it is processed and approved for the larger good.
 Limitations of access to knowledge, expertise, technology and funds were the fundamental problems that initiatives faced in past. Some of these areas could be tackled in present day Kashmir.
It is high time that we prove wrong the age old unwritten reality that individuals migrating out of Kashmir can only shine. In business, leadership, engineering, sciences and literature, there are countless instances about individuals who made it to the top in the plains of Indian subcontinent and overseas. Whether it had something to do with the culture of the Vale or the successive systems that ruled and controlled the decision making process here, we need to change it. Let us have trust in our men and women who think they can.


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