Two Arrested For Extortion: Police

SRINAGAR: Jammu and Kashmir Police on Thursday claimed to have arrested two extortionists in central Kashmir’s Srinagar district.

A police spokesman in a statement said that on receipt of a complaint by Khanyar police Station against two persons namely Arbaz Ayoub Khan S/O Mohd Ayoub Khan R/O Kwajapora Syedpora Rainawari and Sameer Ahmad Ahanger S/O Bashir Ahmad Ahanger R/O Aqilmir Khanyar to the effect that the duo have  threatened and demanded money from the complainant who is constructing a residential house with proper permission near Shiraz Chowk.

The spokesman said that according to the complaint the duo threatened him that they will not let him construct the said house if he did not pay them Rs 500000.

“On receipt of this complaint  case FIR No. 02/ 2023 was lodged and the duo were arrested immediately. During the investigation of the case, it came to fore that the duo  along with few others operate like a gang in Khanyar area of downtown and have been threatening innocent people, especially those who construct residential houses or commercial buildings, in order to extort money they used to claim links with influential people,” he said.

He added that people of the area have hailed the swift action of police in arresting these accused persons.

“The general public is requested  not to fall prey to such fraudsters & to bring to the notice of the nearest police station any such person who  they might come across,” said police spokesman in a statement.


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