Two Kashmiri Students Shine in Delhi Photo Contest

KL Report


Two Kashmiri students won first and second prizes in a photography contest in New Delhi on Monday.

The photography contest partnered by Oxfam India and Women Power Connect, Viqar Syed and Syed Shahriyar won first and second position, respectively. The competition was held at Jamia Millia Islamia University campus.

The organizers of the contest said that the theme of the competition was “Women’s Economic Empowerment”.

A picture showcasing an acid victim taking a ‘self portrait’ won Viqar first prize while Shahriyar’s photo of a Kashmiri woman rowing her children to school after three long months of winter bagged him the second prize.

“This is the first time that I have seen a different perspective. The photo is a positive image of an acid victim survivor that shows us that an acid victim can lead a normal life,” said Aliya Tabassum, program coordinator Women Power Connect on the occasion.

Film maker Rajesh, Oxfam India’s Economic Head Vanita Suneja and Radhika Khajuria were the jury at the contest.

“The photograph of a Kashmiri woman tells me how the next generation photographers view things through a different prism and it is promising to see such work in the field of photography,” commented Gayas Eapen from the jam packed audience at Ansari auditorium.

“The potential of photographers was evident and most pictures had a thought process too,” said Rajesh.

The award winning pictures will be included in the Oxfam India and Women Power Connect calendar for this year, the organizers said.


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