Two “misguided” Kashmiri students in Meerut fearing for their lives

Bilal Handoo


As the issue regarding the expulsion of Kashmiri students is brewing, the two ‘trapped’ Kashmiri students in Meerut are fearing for their lives. Kashmir Life received mail from one of two students. Later on, KL contacted Shahid Shah, one of the two students who narrates his ordeal.


We have not eaten anything from last three days. Not a single rupee is in our pockets. One of our seniors, a Kashmiri studying in the same college, took us back to campus from New Delhi where our University officials left us. After reaching Meerut, we couldn’t dare to go back to the campus for the fear of our lives. The anger against us [Kashmiri students] had peaked among non-Kashmiri students. Our senior arranged a room outside the campus but our bad luck; it is marred with mosquitoes and rodents!

We can’t go outside as we were informed that non-Kashmiri students have burnt our effigies in the campus. We are trapped in a very worst situation. We were also told that some non-Kashmiri students have made their mind to kill us. Besides, FIR registered against us has already frightened us. The health condition of my friend has worsened when he heard that UP police have registered a sedition charge on us. My only window to the world is internet on my cell, which keeps me updating about the happenings around.

It all started after Pakistan won a match against India on Sunday, March 02, 2014. Non-Kashmiri students in the hostel abused and pelted stones on us. They broke the window panes and lights in the hostel. They also took out knifes and iron rods to kill us. But with the help of Almighty Allah, they couldn’t touch us.

On next day, a notice was served by college administration informing all Kashmiri students that a fine of Rs 5000 has been imposed on us. And, we were told that all Kashmiri students have been rusticated from hostel for three days. The college administration forced us to go out of hostel but not a single student budged from their place. Then after 3:00 pm on March 03, university administration called at least 100 cops in the hostel, who forced us to sit in buses. Such was the hurry on part of administration that we were not even allowed to take money, ATM cards and other things with us.

We were assured monetary help and were told that after seven days we would be called back. But when we reached Delhi railway station, the police official told us: “Your teachers [university administration] are waiting inside the railway station. They will give you some money then you can go to your homes.”

But when we went inside the railway station, we found none! A few of us were having some money in our pockets. And then we started getting dispersed from Delhi. Some among us went to their homes, others rented space, while rest remained on railway station as they haven’t a single penny in their pockets. And I was one of them.

I contacted the Vice Chancellor, who bluntly told me: “You have to appeal for readmission then only you can come back to the university.” Is this democratic India?

Now college administration is misleading media by lying that Kashmiri students had pitched Pakistani slogans and destroyed everything in the college. But it is totally wrong. We just ran from the ground toward our rooms for the fear of our lives. They also told media that Kashmiri students distributed sweets in the hostel. I don’t understand why they want to frame us? In Meerut, media is totally doing biased reporting, defaming Kashmiri students.

Shahid Shah ended his conversation with KL saying: “We are not safe here. Why university administration is playing with our careers? What is our fault?”

Despite frequent attempts, KL couldn’t contact the university or any administrative official in Meerut.




  1. Saying pakistan zindabad is a crime in india u should undarstand that but we know that u r pro-pakistani but indians hate this. Whatever u do in kashmir we don’t care . U have right to live in india as indians not pakistanis.indians cannot accept that at all. We want u to study and live in india but not as anti-india. So We hope that next time u should live in india as indians.


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