UGC Release 2nd Installment For BGSBU Development Grant

KL Report


With the second installment of 12th Plan grants for Campus Development, released by the UGC, the construction works in progress on the University Campus will receive further boost.

Following recognition of the university under 12 B by the UGC in 2011 and the sanction of Plan Grants by the state government is abuzz with construction and development works today. Seven new blocks, built at a total cost of over 13 crores are nearing completion, waiting only for the finishing touch. For construction of another five blocks at a cost of 18 crores, foundation stones are being laid in next few weeks. Commenting on the brisk development works the Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah said while delivering the Convocation Address on December 15, 2012 that “as I fly over the Campus now, I find it has taken the shape of a University.”

Such unprecedented speedy growth at the physically hostile terrain has been possible through the untiring efforts of those at the helm of affairs in the University now and in the past.

As per a statement, “The unique feature of the BGSBU Development works is the way these have been harmonized with the ecology and environment of the place. Establishment of 20 huge water bodies for recharging underground aqueducts, setting up of elaborate system of Solar panels for harvesting solar energy, Green construction works and massive plantation have turned the nude hillocks of Dhanore into a salubrious Campus for others to emulate.”

The research programmes pursued by the scholars and the faculty of the 8 year old University have met the approval of peers in the reputed Scientific organizations for external funding to the tune of 15 crores, reads it further.


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