UJC Chief Ridicules Dr Singh’s Stand on Kashmir Issue

KL Report


United Jihad Council (UJC) Chief Syed Sallah-u-Din has ridiculed the stand taken by Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh vi-s-vis Jammu and Kashmir at the session of United Nations General Assembly.

In a statement issued to a local news agency, KNS, the UJC Chief has termed Dr Singh’s speech ‘unfortunate and contrary to the ground reality.’ Sallah-u-Din expressed serious concern over Dr Singh’s statement in which the later had said Kashmir is an ‘integral part of India’. “The pressure of coming elections have made the Indian leaders like Dr Singh, Narinder Modi and other fanatic parties to issue statements that are far from the ground realities,” said the UJC chief adding that Dr Singh’s statement has undermined the truth that it was UN that has declared Jammu and Kashmir as ‘a disputed region’.

Condemning Dr Singh’s statement in which he mentioned Pakistan as the epicentre of ‘terrorist activities’, Sallah-u-Din has alleged that the former Indian Army chief ‘confession that India is behind all terrorist activities taking place in Pakistan, Baluchistan and Afghanistan’ must act as an eye opener for the Indian leadership.

The UJC chief further mentioned that the people of Kashmir are striving for their birth right since 1947 and Pakistan is to the party to Kashmir cause. “It is however unfortunate that Pakistan has limited its support to Kashmir cause and on the other side India is engaged in widening its occupation in the Kashmir region.”


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