UN Should Fulfill Its Humanitarian Obligations Regarding Kashmir: Malik


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United Nations should fulfil its humanitarian obligations regarding Kashmiris.  This was stated by the chairman JKLF Mohammad Yasin Malik while talking to flood affected people of Suthrashahi in Srinagar Saturday. While meeting flood affected people of Suthrashahi, Malik distributed relief material that included essentials like food, cereals and wollen clothes.

While speaking to the people, Malik said that today United Nations is holding its general meeting and leaders of the international community are together seeking ways and means to address issues and problems confronting the world. Malik said that the lack of urgency that Indian state has expressed in responding to the devastation in Kashmir is an outcome of the disputed nature of Kashmir issue.

“It is high time that UN should fulfill its duty towards resolving Kashmir issue. Disputed territory of Jammu and Kashmir has witnessed devastating disasters in last one decade, whether it was the devastating earthquake of 2005 or the recent floods the disputed nature of the territory added to our woes. During such calamites the disputed status of the region adds to the misery of the people and makes us vulnerable to insufficient and inadequate rescue, relief and rehabilitation,” he said.

He further said that “globally whenever disasters of such scale have hit regions the international community has responded and helped the affected people pro actively. Kashmir has been hit by unprecedented floods, hundreds of lives have been lost and property worth billions of dollars has been destroyed. Health infrastructure and the business center of Kashmir has been completely devastated. Even after three weeks of flood, hundreds of localities are still inundated.”

Malik hoped that the international community and UN will break its silence on the Kashmir dispute and the consequent inadequate response of the Indian state. In these troubled times Kashmiri nation is looking towards international community and we are hopeful that international community will rise above their political positions and beliefs and will come forward and provide much needed help and assistance to Kashmiris.

Reiterating his call for an early release of all Kashmiris detunes and prisoners on bail or parole, Malik said that humanity and human instincts should prevail and these prisoners who want to know about well being of kith and kin should be given a chance to do so.


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