Sgr Dental College Mocks At Govt Claims

KL Report


As the state government did everything it possibly could to make the hospitals function again after the devastating floods, the dental college of Srinagar is mocking at the government claims with no one from the government visiting the place to get it cleaned and operational.

According to the KNS correspondent, as the flood waters receded in the Srinagar city, Srinagar’s lone dental hospital turned out to be a storage point for all the dirt and slush carried by the floods. Waters entered into the first storey of the hospital, damaging what it possibly could and leaving behind the trail of devastation and destruction all around.

Reports have maintained that all the important machines worth crores have been completely damaged by the flood waters along with the library that was housed in the ground floor of the hospital. Reports informed that the library contained most of the valuable study material and most of it was six decades old. The catastrophic floods that washed everything away damaged the generators stored in the ground floor of hospital. Some other vital machines were also destroyed making the toll of loses in the hospital worth 30 crores. The officials of the hospital when contacted stated that various important departments of the college were under waters that has caused massive destruction to the equipments and other office records.

KNS has also learnt that not even a single person from the state administration took stock of the situation in the college making it nearly impossible for the college to operate normally. Without any electricity and the defunct generators, the hospital authorities resolved at least to clean hospital from the slit and slush that remained in its premises after the flood waters receded.

The hospital wherein more than 2.5 lakh visit every year now appears more like a dumping ground than a dental college. “The Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) has so far remained reluctant in taking any step of sanitation in the hospital and the babus also prefer SMHS and other city hospitals to pose for the TV cameras while taking stock of the situation.”

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